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Office for the Supervision of Solicitors (OSS) was notified of Steven Daultrey's deception at OCRA


See: Solicitors Lie Detector


The OSS ignored me and fudged the issue


To:      The Director


No:      01926 431435

Date:   27 April 2000




Dear Sir,


Steven Daultrey


Doubtless you are not aware that I have a long running dispute with your office and the solicitors’ profession generally. The dispute pivots on the holding out to me in 1994 of Steven Daultrey as being a practicing solicitor admitted to the firm of Francis Read in Mayfair, London, and subsequently from the offices of Richard Donnellan, also in Mayfair. Your files will contain my correspondence and the findings of the SDT in the matter of Richard Donnellan.


I understand that you have access to the Internet in which case you should visit the site shown below:




Should the individual portrayed on the web site be the same Steven Daultrey who was instrumental in causing so much trouble for others, and me, I would suggest that you investigate his re-emergence into the field of finance and offshore business as a matter of the utmost urgency.  This is especially so as he would appear to continue to be holding out as a solicitor despite his striking off in 1982 with no subsequent re-instatement to the Roll.


I have little faith in your office’s ability to investigate and regulate objectively, but this might be an opportunity for you to redeem its image somewhat. Of course, should the man portrayed on the site be another genuine solicitor of the same name, despite his uncanny resemblance to the Daultrey I know, I would admit my error.


Yours faithfully,


Paul Bantock