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You might have come from Rogue Traders Case

Or you might wonder about struck off solicitor Steven Daultrey's role at OCRA was.


09 September 2000

Richard Dixon Esq.
Group Managing Director
Isle of Man

Dear Sir,

Steven Daultrey

I refer to my email to you dated 26 April 2000 in regard to the above who is employed at your London Offices in Albermarle Street. My message informed you that Steven Daultrey was struck off as a solicitor in 1982 and not reinstated to the Roll. Soon after my notifying you about him, you changed his profile on your web site to exclude the description of his being a “solicitor of twenty years experience”. He still features regardless, and you did not respond to my message.

Given the ensuing statement, as it appears on your web site, would it inspire confidence in your clients to know of Daultrey’s true credentials?

Mindful of the international regulations on the prevention of drug trafficking and money laundering OCRA World Wide strictly implements our Risk Control Guidelines.
Whilst we respect and honour the confidentiality of our corporate clients, we are committed to undertaking a full and thorough due diligence of both our clients’ identities and the nature of their businesses. To this end, we need to be fully appraised of both the rationale behind the establishment of the corporate structure and its modus operandi. It is our obligation not just to undertake a full and proper due diligence of our clients’ current needs but also to monitor and ensure that their activities do not breech any international regulations. Clients are required to execute management agreements with OCRA World Wide. This formal approach to due diligence benefits both OCRA World Wide and our corporate client base.”

In view of your being content to allow a man who lies to clients and embezzles their money, and who connives with convicted fraudsters to continue in your employ, I have notified the Serious Fraud Office and other interested parties. If you require substantiation of my claims, contact the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors, requesting a copy of the findings of the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal in the matter of Richard Donnellan, Daultrey’s employer as recently as 1995/96.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Bantock

The only response from OCRA


Response from the Isle of Man Financial Supervision Commission


Steven Daultrey has been restored to the Roll of solicitors on 19 November 2004




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