Things that make the new Skoda cars a choice for many

Besides having an attractive and stylish body, new Skoda cars have been announced to contain durable and high strength parts that make them last for long. Compared with the previous models, the new cars have been equipped with marvelous features to fall among the top-class cars like BMW, Benz and Prado. As technology is invading every industry in the world, Skoda cars are now made with technological advanced features to offer a perfect and convenient drive to the user.


Technology based features that are contained in the new Skoda cars.

The cars come with an inbuilt Bluetooth system which makes music listening and phone handling a wireless and automatic activity. You can connect your phone to the modern stereo system and enjoy music while driving and through the touch of a button, you can handle incoming calls without touching your mobile phone.

For balance control purposes, the Skoda fabia comes with an electronic stability control which makes it attain sharp turns even in the thinnest streets without rolling over. It has a tyre pressure monitoring system, which alerts you of any fault, as you take the necessary action before an accident occurs. The rear and front parktronic sensors, speakers and display make parking safe at all times because you cannot hit any nearby object or car.

For safety purposes, the new skoda fabia comes with the following features

Dual front, side and curtain airbags are available to ensure they inflate in the event of an accident to make you safe. A hydraulic braking system and multi collision braking system are available to ensure that stopping and reducing speed is excellent at all times. An anti-slip regulation and motor speed regulation are available to offer a perfect traction control system that will make the car move efficiently and perfectly at all times.

Occupant restraint has been made possible through the availability of a myriad of features like seatbelt pre-tensioners for front seats, height-adjustable three-point seatbelts at the front seats and rear seats as well as two Isofix child seat preparations on outer rear seats. An additional underbody protective cover is available along with rough road package to ensure that people, and the car are always safe. An acoustic warning for over run is available to make you drive at the optimum safe speeds. Skoda yeti has these features to ensure that besides the luxurious and comfortable experience, one can always be safe in the car.

Security features that come with the car

Side window frames and chrome trim around the lower air dam in front bump make the car appear attractive and mesmerizing at all times. The grill is surrounded by chrome to make it more spellbinding for a classy look of the car.

For security purposes, the car comes with remote closing and opening of the doors, an alert system when something or somebody touches the car and a tracking system that can be connected to your phone or computer through the engine code setting. Buying these cars from authorized dealers is what gives you the assurance that you will have a perfect new Skoda car. Book a test drive to ensure that you learn how to use the new features in the car.

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