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This site is owned and run by Paul Bantock.

I built this site to expose a very, very serious case of conspiracy to defraud and actual fraud conducted from within the solicitors profession itself: Rogue Traders It is deliberately simple so that it loads as fast as possible. You land here because you want to get straight to the information without becoming lost in the process. All pages share the links border on the left, excepting sub webs. Other pertinent links are contained within the body and at the foot of each page. Some material is in the form of scanned documents, which will appear in a full-sized window. In these cases, simply use the BACK button of your browser to return to the referring page, or use the Back button at the foot of the page.

UnjustIS was born out of despair. The Law Society has been failing to regulate its members effectively, and failing to protect the public from the errant ones of which there are uncomfortably many. The courts, which are already under considerable pressure, do not acknowledge the impact of fraud upon victims, and often lean towards favouring the legal professionals against whom the complaints are made.

UnjustIS provides links to organisations offering preventative strategies and processes.